So, Who Actually Works On My Car?
The word ďMechanicĒ makes you think of a guy from the 1960ís named Joe, with dirty hands, smudged face, greasy clothes and a wrench in his pocket. The high school dropout who might not have the intellect to work on our complex cars today. Hence the term MECHANIC is quickly disappearing.
On the other hand, the word ďTechnicianĒ congers up mental pictures of a sterile guy in a lab coat who hasnít had his hands dirty in his life. He may be able to think about whatís wrong, but will he be man enough to dive into your carís problem to fix it?

A Great Auto Service Technician
Is Worth His Weight In Gold!

      The truth is that with todayís sophisticated cars, the good auto service technician must be a combination of diagnostic wizard, mechanical engineer, electrician, continuing student and great mechanic. Itís not glamorous work, but itís exciting work. Part detective, he must discover the problems and then, take the puzzle apart and put it back together again to work perfectly.
A great auto service technician is a combination of curiosity, constant study, refined intuition, well earned experience, deductive reasoning, strong arms and nimble fingers. Plus, he loves his job.
To you, his job is extremely important. It keeps you on the road, getting you to work, school, shopping and vacation. It keeps your car reliable, from the day-to-day routine, to cross country trips or the late night emergency.
A great auto service shop, with dedicated technicians, is worth its weight in gold to you. When you find a good shop, stick with it, and tell your friends about it, because we all need reliable transportation.
      A national program for automotive excellence, auto service technicians with ASE certifications have learned, been tested and are meeting industry standards for knowledge and experience. If you donít see ASE Certified in the shop window, think twice about turning over your car.
      Many people donít know it, but Bosch manufacturers most of the automotive systems for almost all European and some Japanese luxury cars. When you see the Bosch Authorized Service logo, the shop that earned it had to qualify for it by using only genuine Bosch replacement parts and Bosch authorized repair and maintenance procedures.
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